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Private Medical Insurance

Precise Protect’s private medical insurance (PMI) allows you to avoid NHS waiting lists, receive fast-track consultations and private treatment for short-term curable medical problems. With Precise Protect’s private medical insurance you can also be treated privately in an NHS hospital or in a private hospital.

Why use Precise Protect ?

Our private medical insurance plans make it easy to get fast access to the highest quality care
With our packages you can personalise your plan with a range of options to suit your budget without compromising on care
We have access to a wide variety of private medical insurance providers, many of which grant us access to exclusive deals and rates, which are then passed on to you
Our expert knowledge and strong relationships with PMI providers means we are able to tailor the best health and medical insurance options available to your specific requirements
Our dedicated adviser will review your policies on a regular basis to ensure you have the most appropriate cover for your needs at any time

Private Medical Insurance At A Glance


You have severely damaged your knee which requires surgery


  • Referral

    You damage your knee, you are referred for MRI

  • NHS Testing

    You wait 3-6 mths for a diagnosis by MRI

  • NHS Consultation

    you wait up to 3 months for a consultation

  • Treatment

    Wait 3 mths to 1 year after MRI for an operation to repair the damage

Impact: No Sports & No Work


  • Referral

    You damage your knee, you are referred for MRI

  • Private Testing

    You are diagnosed by MRI within 24hrs

  • Private Consultation

    You have a consultation within 48hrs of the MRI

  • Private Treatment

    Operated on the following week

Total Time From Referral To Treatment : 2 Weeks

Benefits of PMI
Immediate Access to Diagnosis & Treatment
No NHS Hospital Waiting Lists
Access to Latest & Most Advanced Cancer Drugs
Access to Experimental Drugs
Private Room
Private Ambulance
Low Risk to Hospital Infection e.g. MRSA
Personal & Group Schemes Available
Choose Your Surgeon & Hospital

What PMI Gives You Access To
Consultations with a specialist
Diagnostic Tests – Blood Tests, X-rays, Scans & ECG’s, Outpatient CT, MRI & PET Scans
Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy – On Specialist Referral
Psychiatric Treatment – Up to £1000 For Psychiatric Therapist or Specialist

Additional Benefits
Nursing at Home – Immediately Following Inpatient or Day Patient Treatment on Specialist Recovery
Parent Accommodation When Staying With a Child on Cover
NHS Cash Benefit – £100 per Night Up to 25 Nights per Year
Baby Bonus – £100 per Baby For Each Baby Born or Adopted Within The First Year
Limited Emergency Overseas Cover – Emergency Treatment and Evac
Treatment For Complications of Pregnancy and Childbirth
Investigation Into The Causes of Infertility
Oral Surgical Procedures
GP Helpline
Stress Counselling Helpline
Cancer Care
In the event of a policyholder suffering from cancer PMI gives the policyholder access to rapid diagnosis and treatment, greatly increasing the survival prospects.
It also gives access to the latest, most costly and occasionally experimental drugs, in addition to this, after cancer treatment a policyholder will have access to aftercare including access to a dietitian, and money towards prostheses and wigs

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