1. Given the increasingly digital nature of business, we anticipate that most marketing material will be distributed digitally:

  • All Advisers have access to digital business cards
  • An updated library of marketing fliers can be downloaded for instant use, or customised to include your contact details. Please see instructions on the web page for customisation.
  • In addition to this library, we encourage all advisers to make use of the ‘Artwork for Advisers’ folder shared on the company Google Drive. This folder contains all artwork shared across our three main Facebook pages and has an extensive back-catalogue of content that can be downloaded and shared. If you do not see his folder in the ‘shared with me tab’ when logging in to Google Drive, please email social@preciseprotect.co.uk

2. Print material

  • Business cards – All Advisers are provided with a set of business card in their onboarding package. This starter set should be sufficient to build your business. Once these cards have been used up (are depleted), an Adviser will only qualify for additional ‘free’ business cards, printed at the company’s expense, if they are achieving at least £3000 of live business per month. Otherwise, cards should be printed at the Adviser’s own expense.
  • Flier printing –  Please use PDF versions of these fliers wherever possible. If you wish to print fliers locally (eg. digital printing), please request a print-ready PDF to give to your printer. Print costs would be covered by yourself, except if a larger print run has been pre-approved by Head Office for a recognised and controlled event. To request approval please use this form. We encourage you to get in touch well ahead of time to ensure there is sufficient time for your request to be processed.
  • If you are attending a recognised event and require materials for distribution, some materials may be provided if approved by Head Office. Please use this form to make your request well ahead of time to ensure that your request can be processed.

If you have any further questions about any of the above please get in touch using social@preciseprotect.co.uk. If you are interested in a personalised business card, please email social@ with your contact details and I will happily arrange this for you.

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