Marketing Fliers

A. Flier Customisation

To request a PDF flier customised with your contact details, please complete this form. We can also customise the flier image if you plan to approach a niche market. We usually source images from here: so if there is an image you would like to use, please include the reference number on your request.

Thank you for your interest in getting some PDF fliers customised with your contact details.

B. Print Requests

  • We expect that you will generally use digital means to distribute our PDF fliers.
  • You may also wish to have a few fliers printed at your local digital print shop at your own convenience and expense, which should be minimal. You can also approach the print company we use – – although we do believe that local will be more economical in most cases. If needed, we can prepare ‘print ready’ files which will have crop marks and bleed, but you will not ordinarily need this for small print runs.
  • If you need a larger number of fliers to distribute at an event with a large number of relevant prospects expected (1,000s)  you can put in a print request for the company to cover the expense of a larger print run. Please use the form below.

Flier Details:

Customisation Details:


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