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Life and Critical Illness Cover

Precise Protect offer a comprehensive range of life and critical illness policies that are tailored to your individual needs and budget. Life and critical illness insurance is essential in protecting your family from the financial strains they could face if you were no longer around or are unable to work due to a critical illness. Life insurance pays out a cash lump sum in the event of your death within the term of the policy and critical illness cover will pay a cash lump sum upon diagnosis of a specified critical illness.

What Precise Protect Can Offer You ?

We have a wide range of policies to suit your needs and budget
Our life and critical illness insurance plans are designed to be affordable, saving you money
Unlike many of our competitors who have limited access to the market with only a few providers on their panel; at Precise Protect we are ‘whole of market’ which means we are able to give our clients access to all major providers throughout the UK
Our expert knowledge means we can quickly establish your requirement and recommend the best plan for you giving you the cover you require, saving you time and effort
Your dedicated adviser will review your policies on a regular basis to ensure you have the most appropriate cover for your needs at any time

Life and Critical Illness Cover At A Glance

Benefits Of Life and Critical Illness Cover
Provides financial Security for Your Family
Option to Pay Off Outstanding Mortgage to Secure Your Home
Helps With the Cost of Raising Children and Paying for School or University Fees
Option to Pay For Funeral Costs
Maintains Your Current Standard of Living in the Event of Critical Illness
A cash lump sum for your family – tax FREE
Lock in a low premium at a young age
Options Available
Guaranteed Premiums For The Life of The Plan
Decreasing Option in Line With Your Mortgage
Terminal Illness Cover at No Extra Cost
Nominate Beneficiary of Pay Out
Joint Life Insurance Policies Available
Family Income Benefit Policies
Access to Enhanced Critical Illness Definitions
Mortgage Cover
Total Permanent Disability Cover
Payment Protection Benefit Available
Waiver of Premium – Pays Your Premiums During a Claim
Global Treatment Available
Include Fracture Cover
Level Cover
The amount of cover you have selected stays at the same level throughout the term you have chosen and the premiums you pay stay the same too.

Decreasing Cover
The amount of cover you have selected decreases each month over the policy term, in a similar way to how the outstanding balance of a repayment mortgage or loan decreases over time. The premiums you pay stay the same.

Increasing Cover
Increasing term life insurance addresses the reality of inflation and/or changing circumstances. It allows The amount of cover you have selected to increase over time, the level of which is determined either periodically on a set date, or when an event (e.g. marriage, birth etc.) triggers an increase. Premiums may increase for additional cover, but they are based on your health at the start of the policy, even if it has deteriorated since.

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