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Employee Benefits Packages

Precise Protect provide bespoke insurance to companies throughout the UK & Ireland. We know your employees are one of the most important assets within your organisation. It is important you look after them so that they perform to their highest standards and help you maximise your profits.

We understand that many employers have found themselves in the compromising position of having to make discretionary payments to staff unable to work due to illness or accident. Our insurance packages are created specifically with the intent of alleviating that burden from the employer and getting the employee back to work as soon as possible while offering them the greatest level of support.

What Precise Protect Can Offer You

Our corporate division are employee benefit specialists tailoring bespoke products within the corporate market to fit seamlessly within your company
Our team of highly trained advisers are located throughout the UK and Ireland providing professional advice and assistance
Our range of employee benefit services are designed to cover both the employers and employees in the event of accident or sickness, death, critical illness or serious injury
Our employee benefits packages aim to give income protection and private medical assistance following an accident or sickness, fast tracking your employees through the NHS Health System to enable a swift return to their role
We can cover all your employees, even those who participate in sports or have pre-existing medical conditions

Employee Benefits Programme At A Glance

Increase staff morale, loyalty, retention

Establish your image as a caring employer

Provide financial security for employees

Review existing benefits

Explain the benefits we provide


Benefit To The Employer
No Administration Costs
Tailored to Each Individual Business
Increase Staff Morale, Loyalty, Retention
Establish Image as Caring Employer
Ultimately – More Profits For YOU!
Hassle FREE – We Do All The Administration

Benefit To The Employee
Benefits From Day 1 Up to Retirement
Pay-outs of Up to £700 per Week
1st Night Hospitalisation Cover
Hospitalisation Lump Sums
Fracture Lump Sums
Serious Injury Lump Sums
Accidental Death Lump Sums
No Limit on Number of Claims

Our Products
Individual & Group Schemes
Bespoke Products Tailored to You
No Ratings For Occupation or Smoker Status
Your Premiums Will Never Increase In Price Throughout The Term Of The Plan
No Ratings Due To Health Or Pre-Existing Conditions
No Medical Examinations Or Questionnaires
No Ratings Or Exclusions For Sports Or Hazardous Pursuits
A Dedicated, Tailored Approach
Every organisation is different – different people doing a variety of jobs in a range of environments and locations. We work with you to ensure that the approach we take is tailored to you and your employees’ needs.

Absolutely No Administration Burden For You
Precise Protect administers the whole programme. We ensure that when any insurance is purchased, all the necessary documentation is completed and submitted. Payments are arranged between the provider and the employee via direct debit, so there is no work for your payroll department.

For more information contact us on our FREEPHONE number 0800 520 0218