Top tips for working from home

Workers across the world are finding themselves in a new office environment: their homes. For many, this will be their first time working from home and while it may have always seemed like the dream, the novelty can soon wear off!

To help you maintain productivity and stay well-balanced during this usual times, here are some of our top tips for working from home!

Coffee Break - Working at Home

  • Get dressed

    – The idea of staying in your PJs all day may sound great but getting up and ready will psychologically prepare you for a day in the ‘home office’.

    – Make sure you have a distinction between your ‘home office uniform’ and your ‘out of work clothes’. This will help your brain understand when the work day is over

  • Plan your space

    To help productivity, you will need to think like you are in the office! Avoid places like your sofa or your bed; the temptation to nap will be far too strong! Creating a semi-formal office setting will help keep you in the ‘office mind frame’

    – Don’t forget to designate some ‘work-free’ zones too!

  • Taking breaks

    – Make sure you take regular breaks including your tea breaks and lunches! You are still entitled to have your breaks and chats  with co-workers(not in the person of course) which give some respite from work.
    -To prevent eye strain and fatigue, look away from your screen every 20 minutes and focus on a faraway object for at least 30 seconds.

    -It is important to stand up, stretch and move around away from your desk to help prevent tiredness.

  • Plan your day

    – Write a ‘to-do’ list as not only will it help maintain your focus but imposing deadlines and goals will help keep distraction to a minimum

    – Work your office/contracted hours! Unfortunately, you can’t blame the traffic on the stairs for starting late. While the temptation is there to start late/finish early, you should avoid this at all costs!

  • Keep your spirits high!

    -These are extremely stressful and difficult times so it is important to keep your spirits high and look after your own mental wellbeing!
    -Get yourself out and about but practising safe distancing of course! Take a walk or have some exercise outside to enjoy the fresh air
    -Suggest to a friend or colleague that you have your breaks together and have a video chat with a cup of coffee.
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